Sunday, July 19, 2009

Christmas Tree Themes

I love to decorate with trees. Here are some ideas for themes.
Snowmen There are all types of snowmen find your favorite and use snowmen garland and other snowmen ornaments to decorate with

gingerbread. This is the theme I use in my kitchen. I have small gingerbread men, cookies, and other ornaments.

Red and white candy or peppermint. For this tree I use red garland red ornaments, peppermint ornaments,

Here are some others,
Color theme. This can be black and white, light and dark green, all silver

How about a hobby theme. sewing tree with small thimbles, thread etc.
a western theme- boots, cactus

Check out Hobby Lobby for a variety of themes.


printersdevil said...

I've started using themes on my trees too. My main tree is snowflakes and I have a snowman one on the breakfast bar and another snowman small one on the counter at the end of the kitchen.

jamieoliverfanuk said...

I love Christmas and am going to decorate my kitchen in a gingerbread men/baking theme this year. you blog is great by the way
dawn x