Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Candy recipes

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas is making candy. I make peanut clusters, cashew clusters dipped pretzels, peanutbutter fudge and ting a lings. the recipes i use are very simple.
12 oz semi sweet chocolate bits
dry roasted peanuts I use the large glass jar of peanuts
Melt chocolate in micowave for about two minutes total. I melt the chocolate in 50 secod intervals stirring as I go.
After the chocolate is melted I add the peanuts. stir until well coated and drop by teaspoons on wax paper covered cookie sheet. Refrigertae until firm. Store in cool place,
Cashew clusters
follow directions as a bove but use cashew pieces and white chocolate.
Tina lings
Chou mein noodles
white or dark chocolate
melt chocolate as above
add peanuts and chou mein noodles.
This recipe is easily adapted and I use dirrerent quanties, store as above
Chocolate covered pretzels
Small knot shaped prezels
your choice of chocolate
chocolate candy pieces
melt chocolate, put prezels in chocolate
place on wax paper cookie sheets
place two chocolate candies in the top two places of the pretzel
cool in cool place
Tommorrow I will post my fudge and Santa cookie recipes.


Terri and Bob said...

Totally love making candy at Christmas! Thank you for your recipes. Forgive me if I am repeating myself, but I am launching my Christmas blog on July 25, I would love to have you come over!

Leann said...

They sound yummy. I just posted a mustard recipe that I gave out as gifts one year.

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