Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Rudy Day

Today I am experimenting with ideas for my cards and invitations. I also have included an idea for a simple placecard. My goal this year is to have an open house.
I painted th black and white snowman one and added paper snowfakes.
I am attending a small group dinner tonight and in honor of Rudy Day, I made a chocolate mint cheesecake to take. The cards that I made are very simple and would be easy for a child to do.
I also have gotten the first inital of each of my family member and I am going to be decorating those as stocking stuffers.


Cathi said...

I'm glad someone it doing their Rudy blog other than me! I checked all the old links and it looks like you, me and Leann over at Some One Even Say it Glows are the only ones blogging. Too bad, I really enjoyed everyone's. Well, keep up the good work and good luck on your cards. I like the snowmen.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

The cards and invitations are cute, but I'm thinking the chocolate mint cheesecake sounds pretty great as well!