Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Decorations

I just realized i have not talked about my decorations.
I have 6 trees in my apartment. The tree in the Living room has mostly Hallmark ornaments and snowmen and glass white balls. I collect the Hallmark Snow Buddies and Winter friends. Under my tree I have my village. Some of the houses I have had since i was a little girl. I also have business buildings that I have bought. I have a train station, because there have been years when i have taken the train home. I have a hotel because I have attended women conferences and stayed in them. I have a candle store because I love candles. I have a school building to represent that I am a sub teacher. I have a lighthouse to represent the ocean which I also love. I have a church to represent my involvment in my church. I have also included carolers, and other figurines.
On the entertainment center i have put woodland and nature scenes. I have the train ornaments from Hallmark, the squirrell ornaments from last year and three Father Christmases walking among trees and some deer spread throuout. On the other shelves I have my sleighs which I also collect.
I did my kitchen in red and white peppermints and red and white snowmen. I love the tree on my counter, It is a very cheerful tree. All red and white
I have snowmen in my bathroom and snowmen figurines.
I also have a blue and white tree in there.
In my bedroom I have what I call my Santa workshop. It has elves, my Cherrished Teddies collection. I also have a red and white tree.
In the Dining room I have a very simple candle centerpiece. Near the closet that I don' use I have a small green bench with a snowman and small tree sitting on it,
Hopefully I will get to post pitures soon

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